Draught Proofing

Reduce Your Heating Costs

Say farewell to high heating bills and embrace warmth with UK Eco Solutions’ draught-proofing services, available under the ECO4 scheme. Draught-proofing seals gaps, keeping your home warm and reducing heating costs, all fully funded by the government.

How does it work?

Identifying Draught Sources: Professionals conduct a thorough property assessment to pinpoint gaps, cracks, and openings that cause draughts, ensuring all areas are identified.

Sealing Gaps and Cracks: After identifying draught sources, professionals seal them using materials like weather stripping, sealants, and draught excluders to close gaps around windows, doors, and vulnerable areas effectively.

Installing Draught-Resistant Materials: In some cases, installing draught-resistant materials like double-glazed windows and doors can significantly reduce draughts, acting as barriers against temperature variations and external elements.

Improving Ventilation: While draught-proofing, professionals ensure adequate ventilation is maintained to promote a healthy indoor environment, without sacrificing airflow.

From assessment to completion…

Home Evaluation

Our specialists meticulously evaluate your residence, pinpointing draught origins and energy wastage.

Customised Strategy

Derived from the evaluation, we devise a bespoke plan to seal draughts, addressing every identified area of concern.

Expert Installation

Our proficient technicians execute the draught proofing strategy meticulously, ensuring a seamless and impactful solution.

Advantages of Draught Proofing

Cost Savings: Sealing gaps can cut heating expenses by up to £200 annually, equivalent to plenty of hot chocolates.

Enhanced Comfort: Say goodbye to chilly drafts and embrace consistent warmth throughout your home, banishing icy fingers and uncomfortable nights.

Noise Reduction: Diminish outside noise and create a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and rest.

Better Air Quality: Keep dust, pollen, and allergens out for a healthier indoor environment.

The ECO4 Grant Scheme

Are you aware that draught proofing your home is eligible for the ECO4 scheme? This government-supported program offers a free grant to cover our services, providing cosy comfort without financial strain.

We specialise in Draught Proofing

Beyond mere makeshift solutions like sock-stuffing, our certified team employs cutting-edge methods and materials to permanently seal air leaks in your home. We address:

  • Doors & Windows: Weatherstripping, draught-proofing, and replacements as necessary.
  • Chimneys & Vents: Ensuring proper sealing to retain heat effectively.
  • Letterboxes & Pipework: Eliminating sneaky drafts from common entry points.
  • Lofts & Floorboards: Insulation and draught proofing to maintain warmth within your home.

See what our customers have to say…

I’m really pleased and impressed with the quality of work. Mike, Kenny, and Joe are extremely professional. The work was done with no fuss. They were fast, thorough, clean, polite and very respectful. Great bunch of lads who work well together. Highly recommended, was a pleasure having them here.

Dave Daish

So glad I found this company online. My house is so much warmer now and saves me loads on my bills! Which we definitely need at the minute with the cost of living crisis and everything else going up in price. Thanks so much UK Eco Solutions.

Adam Blakey