External Wall Insulation

Transform Your Home

At UK Eco Solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the comfort and energy efficiency of homes throughout the UK with our premium External Wall Insulation services. Our mission goes beyond just improving living spaces; it’s about fostering sustainability and cost savings while making a positive environmental impact. Experience a realm of warmth, sustainability, and financial benefits with UK Eco Solutions.

Comparing Internal and External Wall Insulation

When your walls lack a cavity, External Wall Insulation emerges as the preferred solution. For solid walls, you have two main options to consider:

Internal Wall Insulation: This method involves applying insulation to the inner surface of exterior walls. While generally more cost-effective, it does come with its own set of limitations.

External Wall Insulation: This process entails adding insulation to existing walls, typically finishing off with render or another form of cladding for weather protection.

External wall insulation serves as a remarkable solution for enhancing the thermal efficiency of residences with solid walls. Its application not only bolsters energy efficiency but also contributes to the overall comfort and sustainability of your living space. By properly insulating your walls, you can create a more pleasant indoor environment while reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs.

External Wall Insulation Costs

When considering insulation costs for your home, it’s essential to understand the varying expenses associated with different types of properties. A three-bedroom semi-detached house typically incurs insulation costs ranging from £5,000 to £9,000. However, larger standalone homes may require more extensive insulation measures, leading to expenses between £8,000 and £15,000.

Beyond the initial insulation investment, homeowners often encounter additional costs related to the infrastructure. Pipes and wires may need to be lifted or replaced to accommodate the insulation process, adding to the overall project expenses.

By prioritising insulation investments and employing a well-balanced approach, homeowners can create a more comfortable and cost-effective living environment while reducing their carbon footprint.

No Wall Cavity

For older homes without wall cavities, traditional insulation methods like cavity wall insulation are not applicable. UK Eco Solutions provides specialised solutions such as external wall insulation tailored for houses lacking cavities.

Losing Floor Space

Internal insulation involves adding layers to the inner surface of outside walls, including a wood frame, rigid foam insulation, vapour barrier, and plasterboard. Over time, this buildup can reduce floor space by 100–150 mm, posing challenges, particularly in smaller rooms.

Protect Against Weather

Installing external wall insulation provides a protective shield against weather elements, extending the lifespan of your building’s exterior and interior while also lowering maintenance expenses.

A Greener Future

Opt for eco-friendly warmth with External Wall Insulation, reducing your carbon footprint by minimising energy consumption. Create a cozy home while contributing to a greener future.

Reduce Cold Bridging

Insulation outside the home reduces the risk of cold bridges. The insulation acts as a shield, preventing cold air from reaching the stone walls. It’s like wrapping your house in a coat, covering everything effectively.

Address Weak Spots

Masonry construction conducts heat efficiently, allowing cold air to infiltrate, leading to discomfort. Minimising cold bridging addresses these weak points, keeping warmth in and cold out, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.

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So glad I found this company online. My house is so much warmer now and saves me loads on my bills! Which we definitely need at the minute with the cost of living crisis and everything else going up in price. Thanks so much UK Eco Solutions.

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