Smart Heating Controls

Creating Efficient Homes

Are you tired of high energy bills and a chilly home? Join millions finding relief with UK Eco Solutions‘ Smart Heating Controls, part of the ECO4 Scheme. Our cutting-edge technology promises warmth, savings, and environmental benefits. Experience the future of heating with our efficient solutions for a greener home.

What is SMART Heating?

SMART Heating Controls, installed in your heating system, enable remote management via internet-connected devices like smartphones and tablets. In the realm of home energy management, SMART technology rises to prominence, driven by escalating energy costs, environmental concerns, and busy lifestyles.

With heating expenses accounting for a significant portion of energy bills, SMART controls offer precise regulation, enhancing comfort while curbing unnecessary heating costs. These systems transcend basic timers and thermostats, intelligently optimizing heating and hot water usage to reduce environmental impact.

SMART Heating Controls operate like stage managers, orchestrating temperature adjustments based on occupancy and weather conditions to ensure energy efficiency. Leveraging artificial intelligence, they adapt to your habits and motion detection, allowing remote temperature adjustments and automatic scheduling adjustments to accommodate varying weather conditions.

Some of the key features…

Smart heating controls revolutionise home comfort and efficiency, offering precise temperature regulation and cost savings. Some of the main features include:

Voice Controls

Use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust your heating settings.

Control From Anywhere

Use your smartphone or tablet to control your heating from anywhere, anytime.

Set Regular Schedules

Schedule your heating and hot water to turn on and off automatically at specific times.

Learning Your Habits

Over time, Smart Heating Controls will learn your heating preferences and create personalised schedules for you.

Save Energy in Unused Rooms

Smart Heating Controls can automatically turn down or off the heating in rooms that are not being used.

Adjusts To Weather

The system automatically optimises heating based on real-time weather data to save energy.

Draught Detection

Prevents energy waste by turning down or off when windows are open or draughts are detected.

Great Compatibility

Works with a wide range of heating systems, except for storage heaters.

See what our customers have to say…

I’m really pleased and impressed with the quality of work. Mike, Kenny, and Joe are extremely professional. The work was done with no fuss. They were fast, thorough, clean, polite and very respectful. Great bunch of lads who work well together. Highly recommended, was a pleasure having them here.

Dave Daish

So glad I found this company online. My house is so much warmer now and saves me loads on my bills! Which we definitely need at the minute with the cost of living crisis and everything else going up in price. Thanks so much UK Eco Solutions.

Adam Blakey