Hot Water Cylinders

Upgrade Your Old Cylinder

Upgrade Your Hot Water Cylinder & Save with UK Eco Solutions. Is your cylinder outdated and slow to heat up? Millions in the UK share your struggle with high energy bills. The ECO Scheme offers free upgrades to efficient models, courtesy of the government. Switch to a qualifying energy supplier and enjoy a new, A-rated cylinder at no cost.

About The ECO Scheme

The UK Eco Solutions Scheme, a government initiative, aids households in reducing energy expenses by subsidising energy-saving upgrades like hot water cylinders. Eligible applicants may receive grants covering a significant portion of the new cylinder and installation costs.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Hot Water Cylinder:

  • Save on energy bills: A new, energy-efficient cylinder can yield substantial savings annually.
  • Enjoy improved hot water: Experience hotter showers and faster access to hot water.
  • Reduce carbon footprint: Upgrading promotes environmental sustainability by lowering carbon emissions.
  • Boost home value: A new cylinder enhances property appeal, potentially increasing its market value.

Hot Water Cylinders

A hot water cylinder functions as a reservoir for heated water used in various household activities like bathing and washing. There are two main types: direct, where water is heated inside the cylinder, and indirect, where heating occurs in a separate heat exchanger. Boiler grants often include upgrades for hot water cylinders.

How do they work?

The process is straightforward: cold water enters the cylinder, gets heated by an immersion heater or heat exchanger, rises to the top for use, and is automatically replenished as needed. Upgrading to a more efficient cylinder can lower energy bills, and the ECO4 Scheme may cover installation costs, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Certified Under ECO4

We are certified to install hot water cylinders under the scheme and assist you in claiming your grant.

A Range of Cylinders

Our selection includes cylinders for every home need, ranging from compact models to large family-sized units.

Expert Team

Our certified installers ensure safe and proper cylinder installation, promising a seamless customer experience.

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I’m really pleased and impressed with the quality of work. Mike, Kenny, and Joe are extremely professional. The work was done with no fuss. They were fast, thorough, clean, polite and very respectful. Great bunch of lads who work well together. Highly recommended, was a pleasure having them here.

Dave Daish

So glad I found this company online. My house is so much warmer now and saves me loads on my bills! Which we definitely need at the minute with the cost of living crisis and everything else going up in price. Thanks so much UK Eco Solutions.

Adam Blakey