Loft Insulation

Upgrade Your Homes Efficiency

Upgrade your home’s energy efficiency with UK Eco Solutions‘ premium loft insulation services. Combat escalating energy bills and chilly indoor temperatures with our expertise. Loft insulation can save you up to £590 annually while increasing your home’s value by 15-20%. Take advantage of free loft insulation grants under the ECO4 scheme. Transform your home into a warmer, cozier, and more energy-efficient space with us.

What is Loft Insulation?

UK Eco Solutions offers efficient loft insulation solutions, acting as a protective barrier to capture and retain warmth in your home. Installed between joists or within rafters, it functions like a comforting blanket, maintaining temperature balance year-round. Loft insulation prevents heat loss in winter and keeps interiors cooler in summer.

Choose the right insulation type to enhance energy efficiency and overall comfort. By trapping warm air and allowing moisture to pass through, it prevents heat from escaping through the roof, reducing energy bills and carbon footprint. Explore the science of thermodynamics for deeper insights into loft insulation’s workings.

The Difference Between Warm & Cold Lofts

Cold lofts, placed between floor joists, offer cost-effective insulation but may experience temperature fluctuations and condensation. In contrast, warm lofts require insulation for both the floor and rafters, regulating loft temperature and preventing heat loss through the roof.

How To Insulate A Loft

When insulating your loft, start with a cost-effective and straightforward approach. Begin by clearing out the space and insulating pipes and water tanks to prevent freezing. Ensure any electrical wiring is positioned above the insulation with professional guidance. Measure your loft and purchase enough blanket insulation, aiming for a depth of at least 270mm.

Roll out the insulation between the joists, using 100mm thick wool for the initial layer and 200mm for the second layer. Professional installation typically starts at £250, while DIY costs range from £150 to £200. Potential savings can exceed £225 annually, outweighing initial costs.

Can I Receive Free Loft Insulation?

You may qualify for free loft insulation through the British Government’s ECO4 Scheme if you meet certain eligibility criteria. This initiative assists households with low incomes to improve energy efficiency. If you or someone in your home receives specific benefits, you may be eligible for funding. Check your eligibility for free loft insulation by clicking here.

Blanket Insulation

Blanket insulation, available in rock, glass, or mineral fibre rolls, is a popular choice for loft insulation. Our eco-friendly preference is Earth wool by Knauf. It’s cost-effective and suitable for insulating between joists but not ideal for the roof.

Sheet Insulation

Sheet insulation, crafted from rigid boards of synthetic or natural materials, is perfect for insulating the underside of your roof. Although effective, it is usually more costly. These boards can also be adorned for decoration purposes.

Loose Fill & Blown Fibre

Loose-fill insulation, using lightweight materials like cork granules or recycled newspaper, supplements or stands alone but can be messy. Blown-fibre insulation suits hard-to-reach areas but may not fully insulate a draughty loft; it’s costly and needs professional installation.

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I’m really pleased and impressed with the quality of work. Mike, Kenny, and Joe are extremely professional. The work was done with no fuss. They were fast, thorough, clean, polite and very respectful. Great bunch of lads who work well together. Highly recommended, was a pleasure having them here.

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So glad I found this company online. My house is so much warmer now and saves me loads on my bills! Which we definitely need at the minute with the cost of living crisis and everything else going up in price. Thanks so much UK Eco Solutions.

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